WYD Here?

Hello blog world!

I am Kaylene Kruse and I am going to attempt blogging! Currently, I am a full-time college student in Minnesota, with dreams that go beyond boarders. Hopefully, this blog will be a stepping stone as to how to get across the oceans between my reality and my dreams.

Ultimately, my goal is to be center stage somewhere. Not singing or acting, but as a speaker. I adore public speaking and how dorky I sound when I tell people that. With college, I have hopes of being able to represent a company; telling prospective buyers what we stand for, what our purpose is, what we offer as a company. All sorts of things. Just recently, I have developed the idea of becoming a motivation speaker and/or life coach. With this route, I would be doing a lot of the same things for myself, as I would be doing for a company.

Personally, I am attracted to people who have confidence in themselves and their decisions. Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by people who are proud of themselves, their lives, and the world they have created? Imagine a work place filled with people who were passionate about themselves as a living, breathing, vessel. SO COOL C’MON! If I could help someone better themselves and love themselves, I would be living the dream.

Time will tell, and I am determined to work my butt off until I get there. Stay tuned  for posts about my daily life, slivers of encouragement, and one hell of a ride.

Until then, check out one of the books that got these wheels in my head turning;

You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero

Until then, make people feel good about themselves!

Kaylene Dawn


What, A Day?

This phrase can be said many, many different ways.

What, A Day?

Whatta Day


And so on. As far as my blog goes (which is only one post so far), it’s more like a “Wow, what a day” in a fantasy like voice. Okay picture this. You just took an eight mile hike up some badass mountain. You’re standing at the top with your best friend by your side, looking out at the view, takin’ in all the good juju. You hike back down, see a few dogs on the way who love to be pet, and get back to your campsite, put your comfy groutfit on, make some fantastic s’mores over the fire, and lay down under the stars on an enchanting air mattress (still with your best friend by your side). Your head hits the pillow, you let out a sigh and say “What a day”, with a tired, pure grin.

You know how people say “Stop and smell the roses?” Kind of like that but more in a reflect on how great (or maybe not) your day was.

Speaking of which, people often forget that it is okay to have a bad day. It is okay to feel like you want to eat endless pasta and watch HGTV alone for a week straight. It is okay to be belligerent toward whatever you feel need be. It is okay to have a bad day AS LONG AS you commit yourself into not making that day worse. Sometimes, the elements, traffic, cravings, and your mom are all against you. That is okay! Of course it sucks in the moment, but soak in the negativity and change the pattern.

It is during our hardest days that we become the darkest, worst, incompatible individual known to ourselves. But also hidden in these days are the greatest chances to thrive.

Do not allow yourself to spread unkind thoughts or actions to others, simply because they have come onto you. Take in whatever event/person/idea that sparks a certain response to come out of you, address it within yourself, and comprehend those thoughts and feelings initially. Push against pessimism and rain near your parade. Do this, for you.

Now, I am by no means advising you to bottle up your feelings and not express them. But negativity has no place in the heart of the assured.

Be honest with yourself and your emotions. If something hurts, let it. If something creates a radiation of happiness, let it. If something scares you, let it. Do not be afraid of yourself! Do not fear what you are feeling. Embrace the power to know and grow with yourself when it feels as if you are in the darkest valley. Find strength in the ability to be transparent and understand your actions, words, and purpose. Know the difference between a moment of anger and a situation that requires deeper thought and meaning. Know what it feels like to be lost in yourself and to question your relationships and placement and creativity.

Be unconditionally honest with yourself.

Until next time, make people feel good about themselves.

Kaylene Dawn